Wood Slice Stools

Here is an amusing little story. There was a guest from the foreign country in our house last week, and we had served and prepared him different dishes and created this a wonderful dinner menu. We thought it was a great dinner. We at the time had counter stools made of a plastic-type materials. Our guest was a larger person. So, let's begin the story.

As we were sitting, eating and talking around the table, we recognized that our that guest was full and had taken complete pleasure in all the savory foods that we cooked. We were talking and enjoying ourselves and then, much to our alarm the stool he was sitting on broke, and he crashed to the ground. As we mentioned earlier, the chair was made of molded plastic.

What an embarrassing moment. He did not want our assistance and got up, and lightheartedly laughed it off. How very kind of him. I was upset after the laughter and felt distracted. I had just purchased those plastic stools and I expected them to be strong. The outcome was not fair. Thank goodness he was not injured!

I never wanted this to happen again and did some research for another type of stool. I found these fantastic looking wooden stools that have a log round top and now I am planning to buy these stools. I recognized that the wood slice stools are becoming more trendy and I frequently see them in modern designs of the house in the magazines and the celebrity houses. Wow, so I could see that my kitchen would look great with these stunning stools. Also, I could have a classy looking kitchen just like I've seen in photos in the beautiful and quality homes.

I don't ever want an incident like I experienced ever to happen again! Wood slice stools are durable compared to the plastic chairs, and I am thrilled that I will be adding a set of wood slice stools to my kitchen.

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