Top 10 Log Cagins #1 Gorgeous Rustic Log Cabin

Since being a small child, I have grown up with the log homes surrounding me, and I can say from personal experience, they are incredible to be surrounded in. There is something about the massive wood all around that brings a feeling of being nestled away in a faraway enchanted land, regardless of where you are. My father has built log cabins since I was born and so there has always been a huge appeal regardless of the costs and the maintenance. Maintenance of a log home is important if you are planning to build and so it is helpful to know what that means exactly before you get yourself into it all.

When you find someone to build your log home, it important to not only trust but also like the person who will become your builder, since you will have lots of questions that come up as the process begins. One thing that many people do not realize when they get their first quote for a log home is that the quote is for the shell, which means the logs portion, but does not include the finishings. This is an important aspect to factor in before you decide if you want to live in a log home versus a conventional one.

For some however, the idea of living in a log home will always be just idea. Truly this is not the worst option in the world, as there are so many beautiful pictures that you can look at to get that feel without actually taking the plunge.

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