Tiny Home Cabin

There are many reasons people decide to live or use tiny homes, some make the choice to downsize from their larger traditional homes into something smaller, while others use a tiny house for a weekend getaway or artist studio, one thing for sure each tiny house space is a unique reflection of both the owner and the builder. This "Tiny Home Cabin," is a great tiny house for sale in Oklahoma.

This cute 399 square foot tiny house is for sale in Pona City, Oklahoma, for $29,995. The one bedroom and one bathroom house is towable and can be moved and delivered within 50 miles of where its located, and set up in any mobile home park or RV park. The wood exterior has a metal roof and covered porch, a finished kitchen sink, full refrigerator, cook top, bathroom with tub and shower, toilet and vanity. It's a great tiny house for full time living, or a weekend retreat.

This site is a great resource to find all sorts of tiny houses all over the United States and Canada. On the site you will find tiny houses, prefab houses, small house plans, tiny houses for sale, log cabin kits, tiny cottages for sale, tiny houses for rent, tiny house parking, tiny house workshops, and a tiny house blog. The site is a great start to see what sorts of tiny houses are available, and what other tiny house builders and designers are creating. Whether you want a tiny house for full time living, to downsize and reduce both your bills and carbon footprint, or you want a tiny house for a backyard studio, or a weekend retreat, you will find what you are looking for on this site.

To read more about this subject, visit the website link below to the "Tiny House Listings," website.

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