The Portable Cabin: Natural Log RV

Owning RV is already cool, but you probably it would be cooler if it was made of wood.We are talking about a natural log RV, one that you can take anywhere you want. A log cabin and at the same time a mobile one. Introducing the Natural Log RV designed and created by this New Brunswick Company called the Natural Log. It is very promising and ideal if you want to spend a vacation in the mountains, near the lake or pretty much anywhere where you could get more in touch with nature.

This particular cabin was made from cedar that is guaranteed not to rot even in the years to come. This could be towed using a truck in case you want to move from one place to another. And don’t worry about the size of its interior, because this can accommodate several people and it’s totally a place where one could call home. The company released two models of this log RV home known as the Stayaway and the other is Breakaway. It’s best that you inquire with the company about the price of these houses because they have not listed it online.

Inside each cabin, you will be able to see a functioning kitchen, bedrooms and dining area. You will also notice it having cathedral ceilings and even a fireplace. The design is still under construction, but it will be open for the masses next year. This is something to look forward to as the future of RV and log homes. The appeal of the wood and the stove will surely keep anyone feeling cozy. The design is still in production and they do not have the water or plumbing yet.

To know more about the other details about this unique portable cabin, check out the website “Apartment Therapy” below.

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