The Minimum Space Needed for an Authentic Log Cabin Experience

Come one, come all! Guests are welcome at this small log cabin! Seriously, isnít this just the most inviting scene youíve ever laid eyes on? Would it be sweet just to wander in the front door like Goldilocks did, and make yourself right at home? Well, you wonít have to enter unannounced, like she did, or even worry about bears! You can make an official reservation and open the door with a key. You can rent this lovely little cabin for a day, week, month, or year!Youíll find this mini log guest house right beside a lake in northern Wisconsin, and itís part of a larger family complex in the area. Itís just a one-room cabin, but look at all of the space youíve got to wander around in Ė outside! Just look at all of those trees and beautiful nature, all around you. What a perfect retreat for the summer time, fall, winter, or even spring. Need a romantic getaway or a weekend escape? This could be the perfect spot!

The talented designers over at Town and Country Cedar Homes, located in Petoskey, Michigan, created this mini log guest cabin, and they build lots of other ones like it, as well Ė larger, smaller, and varying sizes in between. They crafted the exterior of this particular log cabin out of northern white cedar, so it would have a similar appearance to the other buildings on the property. Thinking of building or buying your own log cabin? Then you might want to consider renting a guest cabin like this one for a period of time, to make sure you really enjoy this sort of lifestyle. Or, if youíre anything like us and youíre already completely sold on log cabin living, then why not just go for it? So many good folks these days are taking the big dive and moving into log cabins. There have never been so many different kinds available, either. Whether you are interested in living with a much smaller carbon footprint and going off-grid, or youíd prefer a larger more luxurious log cabin home, thereís something out there for you.

If youíre really serious about finding the right log cabin home for you, then be sure to do your research! Check out as many different websites, blogs, magazine articles, videos, and TV shows as you can. See what people are building, see what people are buying, and see how people are living in their log cabin homes. Make a list of all your favourite log cabin ideas and maybe youíll even come up with a few of your own! If you have any friends or acquaintances who have built their own log cabins, be sure to ask them lots of questions, like: who designed their cabin, who built it, and what their overall experience was like. If you want to build a log cabin home thatís eco-friendly, make sure you find a log cabin building company that has a similar philosophy to your own. These days, there are lots of companies building cabins with reclaimed, recycled, and refurbished wood. We donít have to continue cutting down forests to build our beautiful, natural homes. We can simply use whatís already available. And thatís so great. Everyone wins that way!

There is so much to be said for log cabin living. You can get back to the basics of life, back to simplicity, and back to nature. Itís a much healthier lifestyle because youíve got the great outdoors at your doorstep! With a log home made from natural wood, youíre not constantly breathing in solvents, plastics, or paint fumes that are so common in most building products these days. You, your kids, and your pets will breathe fresh clean air and who knows? Perhaps youíll even be inspired to start growing your own delicious organic food!

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