The EASY Way to Clean your Stove Top with Only Soap and Water!

We all know that cleaning a gas stovetop could be a monumental task. But gone are those days of feeling like it is too hard of a job, because today you'll learn the easy way to clean your greasy gas stovetop with just soap and water! I know, I know, it might just sound too good to be true, but stay with me here, and learn some more. You have probably maybe even tried this before, and it didn't work. There are a lot of reasons why it wasn't successful, and it's mostly because you didn't have the tricks and techniques on how to do it the right way. But thanks to this website called The Kitchn, your struggles on cleaning it are so over. You can breathe a sigh of relief!

This great website offers a lot of DIY tips and even recipes. It has very informative contents coming from their credible team of editors, writers, recipe makers and professional photographers. This site is so reliable when it comes to all your kitchen needs. Now, this DIY has about 12 steps that you must follow in order to have your gas stovetop spick and span. You will only need a cleaning cloth (a sponge could work too), dish soap, scrub brush and a kitchen towel to wipe it dry in the end. If your stove has removable grates and knobs, then that's the first thing you should take care of. Make sure you remove them first and have them soaked in hot soapy water while wiping your stove. This helps to remove all of the build up on them as you clean the stove top, a nice time saving tip.

If you can take off any knobs or dials, you will want to do that, so you can really deep clean all of the grease off. Just a drop of soap poured on your cloth or sponge is all that is needed to remove the grease on the area. You only need a little amount of soap because it's not necessary that your stovetop overflows with water. It could drip into the small holes of your stove and might cause some damage inside. The main focus of this step is to remove all the dirt, so don't be bothered by the soapy residue. Get out your dishes scrub brush, and get scrubbing! Another great tip is to rinse out the cloth or sponge as much as possible. Using a clean and dry cloth is also helpful to pick up any little bits of residue, and to give the stove top a good shine. Basically you just keep wiping until there is no more greasy residue or dirt left, and then always do the dry cloth to finish. Polishing up the top always helps to make it look really nice at the end too.

In just a few steps, you can have your stove looking brand new again! And you don't need all of the fancy chemicals that everyone says you need either. Just some plain old dish soap and water, and some elbow grease!

To see the entire procedure on how to clean a greasy gas stovetop, check out the website "The Kitchn"! Happy Cleaning!

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