The Best Guard Dog for Your Homestead

Do you have a dog to guard your homestead? Having a guard dog at --- “No. I don't need a dog to guard my beautiful dwelling. No one’s going to barge in any way. Who needs a guard dog when I am here?” *arrogant laugh* Yes! You are right on that. Who needs a guard dog if you can be your guard dog? It would be perfect, right? You can bark and bite. That alone is enough. “I hate you.” Thank you. Well, a guard dog at home is a great advantage. When we aren't around, we will feel at ease because we know that our homestead is in good hand..sorry, I mean paws. However, what are the best guard dog breeds? Let’s find out.

We have the Rottweiler. Rottweiler is a German breed of large vigorous short-haired cattle dogs and known as Rottweiler Butcher’s dog. This dog breed is sweet, friendly, and loyal despite their intimidating face. But hey, if you try to mess with his family boss, you’re going to have a bad time. We also have the Belgian Malinois breed. Belgian Malinois, also known as Belgian Shepherd Dog, is a “medium breed of dog, sometimes classified as a variety of the Belgian Shepherd Dog classification, rather than as a separate breed.” It is one of the best guard dog breeds because of its protective instinct. This guard dog ensures safety in his family. According to Kristina Lotz, Belgian Malinois has the “intensity and drive to protect making them very popular in Schutzhund training as well as guard dog work.” Last but not the least, the Komondor. This dog breed looks a little bit tiny weird because of its unique cords. The Komondor is a livestock protection dog, and its work is to stay with the flock and protect without any assistance from his owner. They are known for their very reserved and serious nature and can work alone. You'll never have to worry while you're gone when you know that you left your Komondor at home. *winks*

These are only a few of the many best guard dog breeds around the world. So what are you waiting? Take your pick! And have fun living with your best guard dog! *winks*


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