The Attention to Detail in This Log Home Is Something You Won't See Very Often

When you are dreaming of log home living, something like this Log Home 50 can easily come to mind. The log home details of this stunning build include a peaked roof, large logs, large log beams and log railings add lots of character to this grand log home style. The stairs that lead up to the wood door entrance and windowed front. The outdoor patio, with the lean to's on each side offering protection from the elements. Everything about this log home is just right.

The gallery of homes on the Pioneer site is an impressive showcase of some of the most beautiful log homes and log cabins in the world. Their custom log home designs start with log home floor plan under 1,000 square feet and can go over 4,500 square feet; the sky's the limit! The log home company uses quality Western Red Cedar, Spruce, and Douglas Fir to build their log homes. These log home builders can also construct log home garages, and log barns; they can work with you to design the log home of your dreams.

Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia located in Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada and has over 40 years experience. The level of quality, beauty, and craftsmanship in their log cabins and log homes is evident when you take a look at what they have built over the years. They are known for using a lot of Western Red Cedar in their log home builds. Known for its beauty and high resistance to rot and decay, Western Red Cedar has been used for centuries by the West Coast Aboriginal people.

You can see these log home builders in action on the HGTV and Discover Channel show called Timber Kings. The shows have them building a new log home in each episode, and all that it takes to build these amazing homes. It gives you a different prospective and respect for an industry that can be dangerous and high paced. In one episode they are building a log home on a remote lake in the winter, somewhere in Ontario. Just getting the truckloads of logs into the site is a huge challenge. Twisted back roads, logging bridges, snow and ice make for a challenging journey into the lake where lots of things can and do go wrong. You also get to see some of the fun behind the scene drama that incurs along the way.

Log cabins and log homes have always been the types of places people dream of owning or building. There is something cozy and warm about living in a log home or log cabin surrounded by nature. Around for centuries, log cabins can be found in locations around the world. Typically a log cabin is a home that has been built out of logs. Coniferous logs are the trees that are best suited for log homes as they are tall and straight and hardy. In northern climates such as Finland, Sweden, Norway, the Baltic States and Russia, log cabin construction was and still is a popular building technique. This is true because of the abundance of coniferous trees, like spruce and pine trees. In areas of the world that have warmer climates, deciduous trees more readily available, you will find more timber framed homes built. Log cabins and log homes are still a favorite among home builders, offering the type of home that is both comfortable and durable. Log cabins have proven through out the years to be a long lasting build. Log homes are also a sustainable and green living choice of home, if the log home company practices sustainable tree management, and reforestation programs.

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