The Algae Bulb Led Light is the Greenest Bulb Yet

Life is not going to be easy without light. This is why mankind has done everything to innovate and use technology to make sure that our environment has lighting. But in the middle of progress, pollution also has taken part of it since it involves the use of artificial energy. The good news is that it's not too late to think of new ideas to fight that ongoing problem in the environment and still be able to get the light and energy that we need. Introducing the Algae Bulb Led Light also known as the greenest bulb ever invented.

You will be glad to know that algae happen to be a great source of natural energy. The Bluegreen Algae can produce up to half of the worlds oxygen, and it just becomes more amazing that it can also produce light. When you combine the technology of a small air pump compressor, tank, and hydrophobic material, this can already produce enough energy to light a LED bulb for a certain period of time. Its capacity to produce light is still limited, but its enough for us to save energy and even money on electric bills.

So how does this work? Its pretty simple. This bulb is first created out of the following materials:

1. Air Pump

2. LED

3. Hidrophob Container

4. PC Shell

5. Air Outlet

The structure will take in carbon dioxide and water through the pump that is near the E-27 screw-top. Once air has made its way through the bulb, chlorella pyrenoidosa spirulina microalgae are stimulated. And when the algae bloom, oxygen will be given off by it that eventually would power the small LED thats inside it. This is the process on how algae could be used as a light bulb.

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