Sweet Cherry Pie with Toasted Almonds

The absolute perfect summer dessert, has to be this amazing sweet cherry pie with toasted almonds sprinkled on top. Not only is it healthy, especially when you add in fresh cherries and raspberries as a substitute for canned filling. This incredibly delicious cherry pie also melts in your mouth in an explosion of fruity flavour that will make it everyone's favourite pie ever. When it comes to cooking and baking, there is no higher praise than seeing the sheer pleasure on someone's face when they taste your savoury dessert that you made from scratch. In this case, once you get the fruit filling ready and slice and arrange the pie dough, you just have to sit back and let it cook and then get ready enjoy the fruits of your labour. You have the satisfaction of doing it yourself, combined with an amazing end result of cherry deliciousness that is sure to please of all your family and friends and have them keep coming back for more.

As a kid, I remember that I always loved summer time. What kid doesn't, right? Not just for the chance to get out of school but for the chance to have picnics and barbecues with my family and eat some incredible summer desserts. These desserts always included pies, cupcakes, dessert squares and more. That would always have the ability to make any outdoor activity a million times better by introducing a savoury dessert to the mix. I definitely can't wait to try this awe-inspiring cherry cooking creation. Especially when my family is together and I can really show off my baking skills by creating a phenomenal dessert that I know will bring smiles to their faces. Cherry pie is also one of the top 5 favourite pie flavours, along with apple pie, of course, pecan pie, pumpkin pie and banana cream pie. Very interesting, isn't it? I would have never guessed that banana cream pie was in there as a top favourite for people!

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