Speaking of Cozy Small Houses, This One Has a Pool Room and a Sauna

You'll want to take a look at this Cabin Title 113, a charming and cozy tiny house barn located in Russia, and available to rent off of Airbnb. This tiny barn would be a great place to spend a tiny house vacation. Lots of room for a family to stay comfortably, and enjoy the Russian countryside. The tiny barn is also a good example of what you can achieve in a tiny house of your own. Inside the tiny house there is lots of wood on the floor, and then with the milled logs used for the tiny log cabin. There are two covered outdoor patios! The upstairs covered patio is almost entirely enclosed, so it would be a great spot to sit outside at anytime of year and enjoy some fresh air. The downstairs area of the tiny house has a fireplace in the living room, with high ceilings and a comfy couch to enjoy fires on cold days. There is a full sized kitchen with a barrel stove right in the kitchen! This tiny house even has an upstairs pool table to enjoy. Another great feature of this cozy tiny house is the sauna you will find. This tiny house has everything you need for a nice time away. Would you like to stay in a tiny barn like this?

If you love tiny house designs and small houses, you will love this tiny house site! With all sorts of tiny house designs used for a variety of things from guest houses, tiny house vacations, artist studios, and tiny house full time living. This small house site is like a bulletin board for tiny houses from all around the world! Some of the tiny houses you will discover include a century-old schoolhouse that is now a 500 square foot tiny cottage, simple living in a tiny yurt cabin, a micro condo loft, see how these college students built a $489 tiny house and tiny house storage inspiration in the kitchen.

You'll also find an amazing tiny treehouse micro cabin that you can live in, building a houseboat with shipping containers, tips on how you can organize your tiny space quickly and a tiny house furniture that flips from a workbed to a desk to a bed. Along with a tiny house cube in Holland, a tiny barn house in the desert, a reclaimed wood tiny cabin in the Angeles National Forest and simple living in a tiny houseboat. There are so many inspiring tiny house designs on this site; it will change the way you look at tiny houses. You might even see a 484 square foot tiny modern cabin that is inspired by birds and UFOs!

Tiny house living is more fun than ever before! In recent years, we have seen a growing trend into the amount of people downsizing and making the move into tiny houses. There is even a name for the growing trend, known as the tiny house movement. Which just means a tiny house space that is approximately 500 square feet or under. There are even micro houses with living space under 200 square feet. Tiny houses don't just have to be used for tiny house full time living; many people become interested in tiny houses to use for things like a backyard office, a space where you can work separate from the larger house you live in, with an office of your own. How nice would it be to have a two-minute commute to work each day? In a space that has no distractions that you typically would if you were in the house each day. You will also find people using tiny house spaces for workshops, garages, artist studio spaces and writers retreats. You might even use a tiny house design as your weekend vacation home.

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