Smores Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups

You can never have too many dessert recipes, whether it be cake recipes, pie recipes, bar recipes, candy recipes or cookie recipes, there is always something new and interesting to try out. This awesome "Smores Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups," recipe is just the thing to try! Sometimes we get stuck in a rut of making the same old same recipes for desserts over and over again. Although there are recipes that we love so much and we can't get enough of, there are so many other recipes out there to try out. So it is a shame that we don't try some other ones as well. Even if you are one who doesn't make too many desserts because you think you will just end up eating them all. You can always freeze some, or give them away as presents to your neighbours or loved ones. Everyone loves getting some baked goods that have been made with love!

You just have to read the name of this cookie recipe to know that it will be good. S'mores chocolate chip cookie cups is a reminder of the special camping favorite, in a cookie recipe you can try all year long. S'mores have been around since the 1930's when they were a treat that Girl Guides would make when they went camping. The recipe ended up in a Girl Guides magazine, and after that the idea really caught on! These golden cookie cups are loaded with chunks of milk chocolate, baked to cookie perfection and then topped with creamy marshmallow and toasted until the marshmallow melts, just like the real thing. The result is a warm soft baked cookie, with melted pieces of chocolate and gooey tasted marshmallow in every golden bit, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. You might not know that you can toast marshmallows under the grill or broiler, they toast perfectly and taste even better. When making the cookie cups for this recipe you don't need to chill the cookie dough, you just roll the cookie dough into large balls, this recipe make jumbo cookie cups, even better. For the full recipe details you'll want to take a look at the site.

This recipe site, called Sweetest Menu, is located all the way in Brisbane, Australia. The author created it as a way for the writer to share her love of all things sweet. She loves to travel and taste test goodies wherever she goes. Isn't that one of the best things about traveling?! She loves peanut butter cheesecake, red velvet whoopee pies and scores, and is happiest when she is creating, baking and photographing her American inspired recipes. Her husband serves as the taste tester for this sweet recipe site, and she can usually find him grilling something on his barbecue. So wonderful that she shares all of these awesome recipes, including this one for S'mores Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups! To read more about this recipe, visit the website link below to the "Sweetest Menu," website.

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