Simple, yet Beautiful, This Cabin Is a True American Icon

This Cabin Title 127 is what simple log cabin living is all about. It has a beautiful rustic charm and appeal. A log cabin like this, located in the woods is a great place to spend quality time with family and friends. This tiny log cabin is located on twenty acres of property in the Sierra National Forest near Yosemite. The one room tiny cabin has a queen-sized bed and one single bed. There is a small stove with an oven and a refrigerator. There is a bathroom with a shower. There is also the internet. From the rustic log cabin, there are views of the meadow, river and forest. This tiny cabin has a large outdoor deck with a built in barbecue, that is close to an A-frame cabin, and teepee. All places are available to rent. Wouldn't this be a beautiful tiny house vacation to stay in? You would have so much privacy, with twenty acres of wilderness to hike through and enjoy. This would be the ideal tiny house location to spend away with some friends or family.

This is a great example of a tiny cabin vacation rental. If it was your tiny cabin, you might choose to do the same thing and offer it as a rental when you were not using it. It's a great idea to have the A-frame cabin and teepee also available so you could provide space for extra guests. As your tiny cabin, it doesn't get much better than this beautiful location. It shows what log cabin living is all about, combining the rustic beauty of a log cabin build, with the appeal of a piece of untouched property to enjoy. Combined it is the perfect holiday home. It goes to show that tiny houses come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, from tiny cabins to teepees and A tiny frame houses. If you were considering a tiny vacation home, what sort of tiny house design would you choose? The nice thing is there are so many tiny houses to choose from. Popular tiny house styles and designs can include treehouses, log cabins, beach shacks, off-tiny grid homes, yurts, and prefab tiny homes. With all that said, this log cabin fits in perfectly with its forest surroundings, looking like its been there forever.

Small house and tiny houses can be used for all sorts of things from artist studios to guest houses, vacations tiny homes to full-time living. This small house site is like a bulletin board for small houses from all across the world! Interesting and original tiny homes you will see include living in a Tiny Yurt Cabin, a century-old schoolhouse becomes a 500 square foot tiny cottage, and a Micro Condo Loft Charming Little Blue Cottage. Other tiny house pins include an amazing Treehouse Micro Cabin You Can Live In, and Shipping Containers used To Build a Houseboat. You'll find useful uses of tiny house with furniture that transforms into a worked flips from desk to bed, Ledo bunk beds for tiny houses, Murphy beds and so much more. You'll see shipping containers that were used to build a houseboat, a tiny barn in the desert, a reclaimed tiny cabin you will love in the Angeles National Forest and a tiny fairytale log cabin.

There is so much to love about tiny house living. From the cuteness of their designs, and the fun names some of them have. To the unique and innovative ideas people seem to come up with to make the best use of space in a tiny house. This site will surprise you, and you might find yourself checking in once in a while to see what you are missing.

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