She Always Wanted a Garden, But Without Any Land to Grow on, Her Solution was Ingenious

Having your own land gives you the benefit of creating a garden space. But what if you don’t have a big piece of land? Should that stop you from growing crops and other herbs?

We are about to share with you how to find a way to still have a garden, even when may live in a condo or apartment. All it takes is a little bit of resourcefulness, plus the determination to want to grow things. Here are some tips to accomplish this project. So be excited because today you’re about to learn how to grow things even without having property.

There are many techniques you could implement to create your own garden space and vertical gardening is one of the most effective and efficient ways to go for it. This means you can have shelves with plants, trellises, and hanging basket. Believe it or not, you can easily harvest fresh vegetables simply by using this method. It doesn’t even matter if you reside in the city, you can easily install this, and it is cost efficient. It is a fun activity for the whole family, and it gets better when it is time to pick the fresh veggies that you have grown.

Vertical gardening is applicable if you have a balcony or area where the sun can reach your plants. You do need to have some sun exposure for the plants to be happy, although there are some things that can do okay in a more shady spot. The maintenance of this style of gardening will only require very little of your time because it is a smaller space so you just will keep an eye on fertilizing and regular watering to keep them healthy. You will not likely have weeds in this type of planter and pest problems are minimal to none-existent.

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