Remote House is a sustainable modular home that can be anchored anywhere in the world

It's always inspiring to see unique homes from all over the world, whether they be an off grid prefab home, a beach shack, a hand built cob cottage, a strawbale home or tiny house on wheels there's always a story behind the house. This "Remote House is a sustainable modular home that can be anchored anywhere in the world," is an example of a home that can expand with your life.

This remote sustainable modular home located 100 miles away from Chile's capital of Santiago, is named Casa Remota (remote house). The beautiful prefab house can be constructed in hours, and redefines mobile housed. The prefab house was designed by local architect Felipe Assadi, and is a modular one level home made from wood, iron and glazed front and back facades. This stylish prototype is for now set up overlooking the Pacific Ocean in the remote Pichicuy area, but can be moved to just about any spot in the world.

The two glazed facades in the prefab home allow light to flood the interior. The sustainable modular home is mounted on metal pillars, and the architects used local pinewood in the construction. The geometrical minimal home has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a living room area with a kitchen. The prefab home is built out of modules that are prefabricated off site and can be assembled onsite in just six hours. The aim of this prefab home was to allow the owner to configure their own home design based on the use of modules, which give freedom of design choice and house location. There are plenty of photos of this modern eco friendly, sustainable home, the location is especially intriguing and is sure to inspire people wherever they live.

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