Perfect Small Cabin Design

The small house and cabin trend is sweeping the nation and people are looking for simpler ways to live their lives and get back to their roots, get back to nature. It's a wonderful positive trend that is causing a huge shift in our society's paradigms of what is desirable for people. It's very exciting actually! This article shows us the many varieties of small cabin designs and the varying materials you can use when building your own small home or cabin, with a little write up of each.

It's important when building your home or cabin or when you are having it built, to have in mind what type of material you are going to want to use in the building process. From cladding and clapboards, to boards and battens, wood shingles, logs, stones, even steel for a durable and more contemporary look. The article gives some good insight into each material giving you and idea of what you would be working with and eventually living within. Things like wood and stones have been used for house building since the beginning of humans building homes for themselves. In warmer climates you can even use mud and earth to make your home. These homes made with the most natural materials have stood the test of time, some stone homes in Canada have stood for over a hundred years, braving the cold winters and providing a warm interior for the people who inhabit them.

This list is a good place to start to explore the different materials to be used in your own building project and get and overview of each. There are extensive books and articles written on each material, that would really help you in making a final decision, much that could be found by perusing this website! So head on over and look around at the 'Stand Out Cabin' website link below.

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