Perfect Log Cabin with MUST SEE Photo Gallery

This Perfect Log Cabin was on display at the Vancouver, British Columbia, home show. You simply must see this place, inside and out! If you have never been to a home show of this size, it is a remarkable display of complete homes that are set up for the sole purpose of exposing companies products in a conveniently accessible environment. It is a very impressive event!

The company behind this fabulous log home is Sitka Log Homes Inc. Sitka Log Homes is located in the Cariboo of British Columbia. Well established and building log homes since 1969, the company with its superior well crafted products have shipped to Russia, Korea, and the USA, as well as providing quality log homes to Canadians.The log home featured here at the home show is 1200 square feet. Handcrafted from pine wood that was affected by the Mountain Pine Beetle, the home has the characteristic unique blue tinge.

Sitka Log Homes offers custom designed house plans and they also know that it is very difficult for most people to image what the home will look like from a blueprint, so they offer 3-D renderings and virtual walkthroughs of the home. This puts the potential home owners more at ease as it is far more costly to make changes once you have your home built than to make the changes on the blueprints.

Sitka wants to work directly with you, your architect, general contractor and designer. The know that communication is vitally important between all the people involved in the construction of your dream home. They take great care and pride in meticulously handcrafting your home. Each log is hand-peeled with a drawknife. They are then hand scribed, chiselled and cut with chainsaws to ensure the perfect fit by their skilled log builders.

There is so much more you can discover about this professional log company by clicking on the link just below that will take you directly to the Sitka Log Home website.

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