Only for Nature Lovers Looking for Peace and Relaxation

Imagine yourself in a peaceful and relaxing place, out in nature with plenty of time to just be and relax all on your own. Experience what it would be like to be at this Just My Size of Log Home. When you are feeling stressed, isn't it nice to be able to go on vacation? Maybe to a isolated, private cabin in the forest, like this one you see in the photo. Maybe you would even like to live full time in a cozy and quaint place like this, and live close to nature, doing the things you love, enjoying the benefits of a very peaceful life. If you can't take a real vacation or actually live in a log home like this, you can always go there in your imagination.

This log house is so lovely! It would be the perfect place to go for a vacation too, or live in full time as a couple or a single person. It looks like something out of a movie or something, doesn't it? This one has a very nice and simple design, that evokes a feeling of simplicity and getting back to basics. The peaked roofs and the screened in porch are wonderful. The lovely little deck on the front of the home, with the perfect chairs that you would love to sit in and drink a nice cold glass of lemonade or sip on a cup of warm tea on a colder day. The beautiful way the home just offers such a cozy ambiance to all who will enter.

Log homes are known for their cozy and familiar feeling, something that just makes people feel right at home. It might be connected to some nostalgia or memories, or it might just be because the materials come from the earth itself, and that the trees are living beings themselves, that makes us feel so comforted in a log home. Log homes have also been built for centuries, and are a big part of our history as human beings. They are a part of our housing history and so, that makes them a part of how we have evolved as humans too. They are definitely one of North America's ways to build homes, and they have been a trusted way to build homes, that people know they can enjoy for decades to come.

The nature that surrounds the cabin is so amazingly breathtaking as well, it just brings about such a calming feeling. The trees that surround the log home, and the untamed wilderness surrounding it, all bring about a feeling of being Home. You can almost hear the fire crackling and smell the intoxicating aroma of the fire wood burning in the fire place. This totally would be a perfect sized home for anyone not wanting too large of a home. It would cost less to build overall, and the heating and electric bills could be more affordable too. Especially because logs are known to be amazing insulators, they actually have their own built in insulation and rate at the top of the list when it comes to thermal mass. Wouldn't you love to build your very own home like this?!

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