No Need to Worry about Floods in the Highlands Ranch for $42,056.

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No need to worry about floods in the Highlands Ranch for $42,056. Designed to be built on stilts, this log home has an incredible master suite, a gorgeous covered porch that wraps half way around the house and a full length sun deck. The spacious kitchen has a long eating bar and the adjoining family room and dining room are airy and open, allowing for lots of entertaining. The second bedroom and full bath allows for comfortable accommodations for overnight guests. With larges windows flanking nearly every wall, this home is flooded with ample daylight, fresh air and breathtaking views at every angle! The sloped roof line, covered porch and stilt foundation make this the perfect house for areas prone to hurricanes, torrential rains or seasonal flooding.

Stilt or piling foundations are used in many different scenarios and many countries throughout the world, most commonly in areas prone to flooding. However they are are also a great solution in areas where there are steep slopes or where the top layer of soil is weak. There are several types of construction materials that can be used for pilings or stilts. Steel, concrete, and wood. Pile foundations are capable of bearing incredible loads and a good engineer will study the soil and surrounding soil that the pilings will be driven into, to ensure you use the right pilings for the location and load. There are two types of pilings. Friction and end bearing. Friction pilings transfer the load to the surrounding soil and the amount of load it can bear depends on the length of the pilings. End bearing pilings transfer the load onto the strong solid rock or soil on which it rests, by-passing the weaker layer of soil at the top.

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