NASA Photo Reveals Strange And Unnatural Object On Mars

Interested to know more about a NASA Photo Reveals Strange And Unnatural Object On Mars. If you are like me, you probably have never heard of pareidolia. But nearly everyone has experienced a form of it in their life. Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon (often from a vague random stimulus like a picture) and it refers to an imagined perception of significant pattern or of a meaning where one doesn't actually exist. So basically it refers to the people that see a man on the moon (human features) or if they see Jesus on a potato chip or piece of toast. Pareidolia is a subset of apophenia, and it is a general term used ot describe how we are hard wired to see patterns in clouds and random data. Scientists say that this is completely normal though, as we are basically pre-programmed from birth to recognize certain faces and facial features. Even though science tells is that this is normal, they still haven't figured out the exact neural mechanisms and their mysterious functioning.

Space and the planets are always a great source of this phenomenon. There are many famous photos circulating the internet of a face on mars, which is a classic trick of light - but still is a beautiful illusion of Martian pariedolia. Another remarkable image is the Galle Crater. A 230 kilometer-wide smiley face, with its features representing a smiling mouth and eyes made from mountains. Nasa released another photo from Mars taken on November 11, 2014. In the picture, a smooth object appears that looks man-made and has a cylinder-like opening on one end which happens to be perfectly circular. This object does not appear to be made from natural sources. Nasas rover, Curiosity, regularly captures strange objects in photographs from the surface of mars. Maybe that's how it got its name. If you are curious to see some strange photos from mars, check out the photo via alien UFO sightings by following the link below.

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