Log Bar and Barstools

Growing up I remember going to the cottage for the summer, and there was always such a surreal feeling being so far removed from the city, nestled in a forested land. It was always a little sad leaving these beautiful retreats and going back to the real world. As a kid I just loved the way it felt being surrounded by wood furniture, the smell and everything created a sense of comfort, especially in contrast to the bare and boring modern furniture that was at our house.

Nowadays furniture and homes use many plastics and other unnatural materials like polyester, microfibers, nylon, fake wood, and the like to make it cheaper. However, it also diminishes the quality and integrity of the product to the point of it falling apart in a matter of years. On top of all that the chemicals used in the processes to make these cheap furnishings are causing an array of health problems for people since they emit fumes into the home that we breathe in on a daily basis.

Cottages on the other hand seemed to use wood as the main material for building, furnishing, and other accents. For one, this creates such a cozy atmosphere, secondly the pieces last a lot longer, and finally they are built using all natural materials and the craftsmanship creates such such unique piece every time. Most antiques are wooden, and the furniture has lasted across the ages. This log bar and bar stools epitomizes that natural feel and look with the high-quality materials you know are going to stay strong and that you can pass down to your kids. There's no reason you need to wait for your next cottage vacation to enjoy the luxuries of wooden furniture, go ahead and decorate your home with a rustic touch so that every day feels like a retreat.