Life hacks from 100 years ago that still work TODAY!

Imagine, life hacks from 100 years ago that still work today! Only they didn’t call them hacks back then. Maybe they called them tips or shortcuts or easier way to do things, or maybe they just called them good advice! Printed on cards that accompanied Gallaher Brand Cigarette Packages, these helpful hints were even fully illustrated.

First of all, though, where did this term “life hack” come from? Doesn’t HACK mean breaking into a computer? Yes, it’s true, originally hacking meant just that – learning the actual rules of computer systems in order to get around or even break them. Does that make sense? It does for the original hackers. However, this wonderful word has recently mutated into something with a slightly more positive connotation. As implied earlier “life hack” refers to handy tips and tricks that helps make life a little easier. In a fast-moving world where time is a growing commodity, it’s all about shortcuts and loopholes and that’s exactly what a life hack is – it’s a shortcut or a loophole! Life hacks aren’t usually very obvious – they’re actually very crafty and clever and creative. They often involve using objects in new ways – ones that drastically differ from their usual and intended uses - for example, using Head and Shoulders shampoo to wash your greasy hands. Apparently, it’s the best grease cutter there is!

So now that we’ve gotten the word hack all straightened out, let’s move on to the ones the Gallaher Cigarettes people were putting out there in the early 1900s! These nifty little cards could be found right inside your cigarette pack and we guess it was an extra incentive to buy them. Pretty ironic in this day and age, right? Life hacks in a pack of cigarettes? But back then, you can pretty much bet cigarettes were organic and a heck of a lot healthier than they are today. The Gallaher Group is now a multinational tobacco company based in the United Kingdom. Founded in the late 1850s by Tom Gallaher in Londonderry, Northern Island, it gradually expanded into London, Wales, Dublin, and Belfast in the early 1900s. Even today, Gallaher is nostalgically celebrated as the cigarette company with the “good advice” inserts in its cigarette packages.

The informative Gallaher life hacks were illustrated in full colour and were short and sweet. We’ll share a few with you here so you can get the idea! One example is how to get a splinter out of your hand. According to this little card, you’ve got to find yourself a bottle with a relatively large mouth and fill it with hot water – almost to the top! Now, press the splintery part of your hand up against the bottle mouth. The suction opens the skin’s pores and the steam from the hot water will gently pull out the splinter. Cool!

Ready for another one? How about keeping your plants well-watered while you are away from the house? First, you’ve got to gather up as many of your plants as you can into one spot. Then fill a large bucket of water and place it slightly above the area where your plants are. Next, braid some strands of wool together and soak the entire thing in water. Then, stick one end of the braid in the water bucket and secure it there – you can tie it to a rock to make sure it’s anchored on the bottom. Finally, stick the other end deep into the plant soil. You can do this for each pot, and voila – you will then have self-watering plants! Another great Gallaher life hack is how to easily light a match! Take a knife and gently cut a few “shavings” near the tip of your wooden match. When you go to light it, the shavings will catch fire, lighting it easily and keeping it lit longer on a windy day.

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