Leaked UFO video captured by Homeland Security analyzed

It's quite incredible the extent that people will go to in order to investigate claims about aliens and UFO sightings. Here we have some rare footage of a leaked UFO video captured by homeland security analyzed. With our technological advancements these days it's possible to create anything. That's why people are so skeptical, because we understand how easy it is to fake a photo or a video. But that doesn't mean that all footage is just a hoax, it just means that we automatically assume that it is because we've been conditioned that way. Back in the day anything caught on tape was considered real and true, the idea of manipulating footage was completely unheard of. Now we look at some of the movies they come out with and the entire thing can be digitally created using the latest technologies.

When you consider an epic movie like the lord of the rings, it all looks so real and yet it's just the digital animation that makes it so believable. Literally entire battle scenes with millions of people were just totally recreated. That's what makes it so difficult to believe a video on aliens, because we understand the extent of our digital manipulation these days. Even a young nerd living in their parents basement can fake a realistic alien video if they wanted to. Now I'm not saying there is absolutely no way that this video is actually real, I'm just stating that the chances are that even if it is, believing it would be quite difficult.

Now you're probably wondering what this leaked UFO video captured by homeland security is all about. Well it's essentially footage that was captured in Puerto Rico of a flying spacecraft hovering over the island. Engineers and scientists can't explain what they see because this space craft has capabilities beyond what we thought was physically possible. With that came an uproar of people trying to figure out what's happening in this video. People claim that it's absolutely true and that they saw it with their own eyes just above the airport one day. The article goes in depth analyzing all the possibilities and trying to uncover whether it's the real deal or not. I won't ruin all the details since you should just read the article for yourself by clicking on one of the links. But I will say that it's one of the most extensive articles I've read dissecting the possibility of a UFO sighting being real. It goes into a lot of detail surrounding the event and touches on a lot of interesting points. The flights scheduled to leave from the airport around the time of the sighting were delayed, which made people suspect that there might be something that the officials knew and that they didn't want to share with the general public. Although to be fair, it makes sense not to get people into a panic. Either way the video is neat and you should take a look!

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