Korean Sticky Chicken

Let’s go on a culinary adventure to the East! But where? Japan? China? Vietnam? Tonight I want to take you to Korea and share with you my recent find…a dish that’s easy to make, has only a handful of ingredients, and is its own way, finger-liking-good!! Get ready to be excited and wowed by this super easy but super oh-so-yummy dish. As they say in Korean for bon appetit, ‘mas-issge deuseyo’!

Korean Sticky Chicken is a dish that's definitely going to take you on a culinary journey - every bite is loaded with amazing flavor and spice and if you a mange to have left overs, trust me, they'll likely be gone that same night. This dish is super yummy and repeat worthy. I guarantee it! Its also one of those dishes that you can definitely add to – add some veggies, some extra heat, maybe some garnishes… it's a dish that you can definitely make you own.

Korean food is a cuisine I often stay away from in my own kitchen. I suppose its because I’m a little intimidated by those boastful flavors and somehow every time I have tried to cook it before, it just wouldn't turn out right. I think cooking Asian food in general can be a challenge – well, you know what they say… its all about the wok! In a way, its kind of like how certain chefs swear by their cast iron skillets…well at least well-used or ‘worked into’ ones. All those previous flavors locked in, incorporating themselves with new ones.. it sounds a little gross, but its true in a way….an old and well used skillet seems to always turn out those incredible meals. It's magic!

Anyway after finding this particular recipe, I somehow felt I was up for the challenge of re-visiting Asian-cooking in my kitchen. And…drum roll please, I’m finally happy to announce that everything came out just right. I served this yummy sticky chicken creation with some white rice and Korean style bone broth – you can go on and serve it with anything you like really. If you’re on the low-carb diet, go with a fresh greens salad with a sesame-oil dressing, maybe even some fried onion cracklings on top! Mmm that would be great! Oh, and don't leave out that oh-so-needed, side dish of fermented kimchi! You DO know the benefits of that right?! It works wonders for the digestive system, and is nice and spicy and sour. And if you’re like me and you love spice – add some sriracha hot sauce – BANG! It packs a punch but its worth it!

Anyway, my dinner and tour of Korea for my family that evening was wonderful and left overs? Well those didn’t last very long -I found the emptied tupper-wear container the next morning in the kitchen sink. It’s definitely given me some new encouragement to travel more to the East in my kitchen and I hope this does the same to you.

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