It Appears Wretched at First Glance, but It Has All the Ingredients for a Cozy Escape

Most of the pictures we view of log homes and log cabins are of grandiose, luxurious and elegantly built wooden structures, decorated tastefully in the most up-to-date and picturesque styles. Most of these log homes and log cabins, however, cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to design, construct and decorate. But these are the log homes and log cabins that typically represent our ideal or ‘dream’ house or retreat. And while very few of us dream of owning a Tiny Off-Grid Rustic Log Cabin, there is a certain charm represented by these small, simple, wooden retreats. Exploring a Tiny Off-Grid Rustic Log Cabin – and all it has to offer – with an open mind is a must. And this particular Tiny Off-Grid Rustic Log Cabin is a must-see. It’s also for sale!

Located in Spurger, Texas, USA, this small log cabin is not only impressively simple, but it also offers a certain rustic charm. At just 384 square feet, this log cabin can be described as a ‘tiny house’ (which are usually houses or cabins under 400 square feet in size). But what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in its stunning natural environment. Tiny homes, which are part of a movement that advocate simple living in smaller spaces, tend to emphasize quality over quantity and while this tiny wooden home is rustic, it offers more than meets the eye.

Admittedly, the modern facilities of this tiny log cabin are minimal. It has electricity, but no running water and the toilet is located in an adjoining outhouse – which is surprisingly clean and well-maintained. But you must admit that you don’t normally choose a natural environment for the available modern facilities! Although living off-the-grid generally means living without the support of infrastructure such as an electrical grid, it can also be applied to living in a self-sufficient manner with no reliance on one or more public utilities. This tiny log cabin does not come with municipal water supply, sewer or natural gas (there is a wood burning stove, however, to enjoy on those chilly evenings), and if you are looking for the full off-grid experience, this cabin could easily be taken off the main electrical grid with a few relatively simple and inexpensive modifications, such as solar panels, a windmill, or a power generator. While the modern facilities may be modest, this tiny log cabin does boast a large loft bedroom with a window to gaze out at the stars, a tin roof (that not only saves the hassle of replacing shingles but also doubles as a beautiful amplifier during rainfalls) and a small, equipped kitchenette. The grounds are also cleared and well-maintained and include an outdoor cooking and eating area as well as a swing set and basketball net for the children to play.

This tiny off-grid log cabin, located on two private acres, which is surrounded by the beauty and wonderment of the forest – where wildlife abounds – may be the perfect retreat for an adventurous family, a single huntsman or a romantic couple. You can rest outside on the covered porch and enjoy the fire pit or the songs of nature – all for the low, low price of just $25,000. And if you’re not in the vicinity of Spurger, Texas, perhaps consider the simple design plan of this rustic log cabin for your next building project. You can own a log cabin for far less than you think. While it may not be that large and stunning log cabin you’ve been dreaming of, you might be surprised by the excitement you feel at owning a tiny, rustic log cabin in the woods.

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