How to Make Peach Cobbler With Only 3 Ingredients

Tip Hero has done it again and given us another easy dessert recipe we can all enjoy. Here is their fabulous tutorial on How to Make Peach Cobbler With Only 3 Ingredients! We usually always have these three ingredients in our kitchens at all times, and if we don't they are very easy and affordable to purchase at the store. So this peach cobbler will be an awesome dessert to whip up when you want something sweet, but don't have a ton of ingredients on hand, and if you want a recipe that is quick and easy to follow. A great recipe for summer to use with fresh peaches, or anytime of year using canned peaches or even frozen peaches.

The only other ingredients that you will need to complete the peach cobbler recipe will then be a box of vanilla cake mix and some butter. Really, that is all you need to make this lovely dessert! You could use some flour, sugar, and the other ingredients to make the cake from scratch if you like, but using a vanilla cake batter mix that is pre made in the box, is far easier and then all you need to add are the peaches and the butter. So if you are needing the cake in a hurry, this would be the best way to make it. To make this sweet cake recipe, all you basically do is dump all of the ingredients in the pan it will be made in and pop it in the oven for 40 minutes or so. You don't even have to mix the batter or anything, just layer the ingredients onto of each other!

Once it is done, the pieces of cobbler slide out of the pan like a charm, all that is left to do is eat it! Unless you fancy some toppings. This peach cobbler would be amazing with some whipped cream or ice cream on top of it. Or even perhaps a nice toffee sauce or a caramel sauce drizzled over top. Caramel sauces are very simple to make as well and there are plenty of easy to follow online recipes. I know of a healthier caramel sauce that you can make with only some canned coconut milk, maple syrup and some vanilla. Basically all of those ingredients get boiled in a pot until they form a nice, thick sauce. See? Simple and not too unhealthy either!

Cobblers have been known by other names like Brown Betty or a bird's nest pudding. The cobbler didn't really become a dessert until the 19th century, and before that it was more of a breakfast meal or a main course or first course to a meal. The cobbler was a version of pie, which was created in 2nd Century B.C. by the Romans, when they would put meat in between two layers of pastry. Further down the road, different adaptations and variations on the pie came to be, including the cobbler. The settlers in North America had to be very conscientious about how they used their foods, because in the early days certain things were sparse as they settled the land. So they diligently made do with the ingredients they had on hand, and they also didn't have a lot of time to fuss around with fancy pastries, so, the simple cobbler recipe came to be. People make them with all different kinds of fruit, including berries, apples, cherries and other fruits and they have become a staple of American dessert culture. So have some fun and try out this super easy peach cobbler recipe. It would also be a great recipe for a child to try out if their are just learning how to bake. It is a really good one to start out with, and they will be so proud of themselves when it comes out of the oven!

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