How to Make DIY Glowing Jar Night Lights

Do you know that nightlights are one of the most common causes of fires in the United States? This is why you must learn how to make DIY glowing jar night lights. There are about 10 fire incidents caused by nightlights and are reported to the US Safety Consumer Product commission every year! It may sound like a small number for you, but come to think what if it's your house that is out of that 10? You can save you and your family's lives by just choosing this DIY nightlights to use in your room instead of the electric lamps you are accustomed to purchase.

There are also some health benefits that having a nightlight on could do to a person. Theres a research saying that sleeping with a nightlight or any light on could protect a diabetics eyes from going blind. A study was also made stating that nightlights could cause children to be nearsighted. But that was later on debunked by another research, which was made by the Ohio State University.

For these DIY nightlights, all you need is a transparent jar and glow sticks to create a little light in your room that is just enough to make you sleep sound at night. The first thing to do is to gather all the jars that you want for this task. You could use different shapes and sizes to make the final product even more artistic and appealing to the eyes. You can create a nightlight that resembles the galaxy in the sky. You can also make those jars have that science look by placing some fake plants or animals inside. The highlighter will create that somewhat sophisticated and magical look for your nightlight. It is also a good piece of material that would spruce up the interior design of your space.

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