How to Make Butter With a Food Processor in Two Minutes

We normally avoid butter because we think that butter makes us fat and use margarine as a substitute, we think that margarine is the healthier option because it is low in saturated fats and cholesterol. But did you know that butter is an excellent source of Vitamins and better for you than margarine. One of the many beneficial vitamins we get from butter is Vitamin A, which has a wide range of function for our bodies. In this tutorial, you can learn to make butter using a food processor.

What you will need:

*Heavy Cream

*Food Processor



How you will do it:

1. First, put the heavy cream in a container or a large bowl and warm it in room temperature.

2. While we are warming the heavy cream, let's prepare the food processor. Wash and dry the food processor bowl including the blades for us to be sure that everything is clean.

3. Transfer the heavy cream to the food processor bowl. You may add any ingredients and spices you like such as garlic, parsley & curry powder that'll suit your taste. However, if you put spices into your cream, they will transfer into your buttermilk and pancakes and some of your friends may not like that. Remember not to overfill the food processor bowl or it will spill out some of your cream during churning.

4. Add a teaspoon of salt to the cream if you like your butter to be a bit salty. You can omit the salt if you like your butter un-salty.

5. Turn your food processor at low speed to star churning the butter. This should last for only 2-3 minutes, watch as the cream solids separates and congeal into butter. The cream will be indicated by the changes of sound from the food processor as it goes through stages. If you think the butter is done, turn off the food processor and taste it, if it still taste sweet, run it another two minutes but if it taste like butter, then you're done.

6. Drain the buttermilk. The liquid that remains after the butter congeals is fresh buttermilk.

7. Fold a large of cheesecloth in half and place the butter in the middle. Make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly first. Close the other end of the cheesecloth and kneed and squeeze until the remaining buttermilk comes out. It is important to remove as much buttermilk or the butter will turn rancid in 1 or 2 days.

8. Place the butter in a square container/mold pressing it down firmly with a spatula. This will remove remaining buttermilk. Drain the liquid before storing into the refrigerator and it will be ready to use. Keep refrigerated when not in use.

And that's how we make homemade butter using a food processor. Not only we are sure of where we got our butter when our friends ask us, but we are also sure of the ingredients and the health benefits of butter to us.

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