How to make a Solar USB charger! Unlimited Power!

If the idea of unlimited solar power appeals to you, then this is going to be an awesome DIY project for you. If you're like me, I am sure that there have been times when you've been caught out on a long road trip or something, and your phone battery dies. Ugh! That really sucks right? Youll be lucky enough if you have a car charger and that's great, but running your car battery to charge your cell phone while stopped, will run the risk of killing your battery.

What about a reserve phone battery? We have all seen those on the market, and those are great, however they are limited as well. Taking a solar USB charger along to any getaway can help you get rid of dying cell phone disaster since it drags power from the sun, and we all know that the most abundant source of energy on the earth is the sun; and the most used piece of technology on a daily basis is the mobile phone.

Solar chargers comes in a diverse sizes and shapes and can be separated in two groups: First, those with built-in batteries or the ones you can store your sun power for later use and second, those without batteries where they send power straight to your gadget but it has no reserve power once the sun sets. The majority of these devices are USB ready or has a USB port similar to those you can see in most computers or laptops.

This DIY project will unify both the power of the sun and the most essential device currently used by humans on this planet. Plus did we mention that its really totally cool to charge your cell phone using a solar powered charger? Of course it is, enjoy the tutorial!

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