How to Make a Log Cabin

When planning your rural home, the log cabin is a fascinating and gorgeous type of home that will bring charm and the unique feeling of coziness. It is also perfect for those who want to build a vacation home. Keep in mind that building this could take months to finish and it is not advisable that you work on it alone. Here is a guide on how you could build one.

1. Pick the design that you want for a log cabin. You can find something online or you can simply draw your own ideas and then meet with a professional to make sure that all the ideas are practical.

2. Choose the location for your cabin. Choose somewhere with level land and also a place where drainage is available for water. Removing existing trees, underbrush and even rocks that are in the location must be done as well. You need a clean patch of land to begin. Make sure that you save the logs that you got from removing existing trees because you will need them for this project.

3. In building a log home, one would start the process by peeling away the bark, knots and even the branches on the trees. Shaping and cutting the ends of those logs is also something that you must do to make them all fit together. Note: if you are using a floor plan, the number of logs should be included.

4. Once your logs are ready you would need to dig down around 2 feet deep to create post holes.

5. Concrete would need to be poured before the logs are placed. Straighten up the post level until you see the concrete is set.

6. Put the main floor beams and all the floor joists in the area where you want to have the floor placed. You have an option to put plywood or some planed wood panels on the floor joists.

7. To create the walls of your cabin, start stacking the logs that you already cut and numbered. It is also a must that their sides are shaped well. You will also need to think about where you want the door openings, as well as an opening for windows..

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