How To Make A Contemporary Garden Water Feature For Less Than $30

During your time when you need to unwind, where do you usually go when you are at home? “The garden. I love the view of my plants so peaceful in their pots.” “The garden. Its greenness and sometimes colorful look gives me the calmness that I need most.” “Mine? The garden. Yes, the plants and flowers are the joy givers; however, it would be lovelier if we have a contemporary water garden feature.” That, my friend, is what we are going to look at today. *winks* Your garden will be your ultimate source of peace and joy once you place a CONTEMPORARY water gardenin it. Why don’t we talk about it right now? *winks*

Do you know that putting a water garden in doesn’t have to be expensive? I didn’t know that at first. I used to think that beautifying your garden is very expensive. My mother is very dedicated to her garden. She loves adding things that would add to its beauty. I remember once when she told me how much she would love her very own water garden in it, but she didn’t push it since it is quite expensive. Good thing the internet and I are lovers. *winks* I have Good Home Design to thank for featuring Kathy Woodward’s amazing but budget-friendly contemporary water garden. The materials and labor in creating a contemporary garden water feature would really make a hole in your pocket! But not Woodward’s brilliant idea. *winks* “You say it’s budget-friendly. How much would I need?” If you have a hidden $30 in there, you can already make one. You will need a water tight container, a fountain pump, several flat concrete pavers, rocks of different sizes, and plant tolerant of water. Woodward uses Rubbermaid storage container in making her own garden water. For the fountain pump, she chooses the solar-powered pump. Water grass can be used as a plant that is tolerant of water. Your concrete pavers, on the other hand, will depend on the size of your container.

Are you excited to add a contemporary garden water feature? You should click Good Home Design website below for the instructions. Have fun! *winks*

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