How To Grow 53 Vegetables in 4 Square Feet

With food costs on the rise more and more people are turning to their backyards as a potential food growing space. But what if you don't have much space in your backyard? Or what if your soil is not suitable for growing produce? Are you out of luck? Well, maybe not. As urban has density increased over the years city gardeners have gotten more creative in their attempts to grow more food in smaller spaces. Urban gardeners look for every nook and cranny they can find to grow a few salad greens, herbs or other vegetables. Roof top gardens, container gardening on balconies and patios, vertical wall gardens and indoor soil-free growing systems are all becoming increasingly popular.

A method of growing food in small spaces known as SPIN farming has also taken off in popularity.

SPIN stands for Small Plot Intensive and involves a detailed system of growing food plants to maximize produce yields in small growing spaces. This model of gardening has led to a new breed of urban farmers who are finding niche markets to sell their urban-grown produce. It is incredible how much produce can be grown in a single yard using this effective and efficient system.

This YouTube video from Growing Your Greens provides step-by-step instructions on how to create your own tower garden in a large vertical cylindrical container. The video walks you through setting up your system with built in irrigation, proper soil mix, planting and placement for good drainage. In a system like this you can grow a wide variety of plants and the design ensures that all the plants receive the moisture and light that they need to grow strong and healthy. This vertical tower garden provides an excellent option for anyone who has very limited ground space and wants to maximize their production with an easy maintenance system.

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