How To Build An Underground, Off-Grid, Virtually Indestructible Home

If you are thinking about building an off-grid home, than you are probably doing a lot of research on the different types of homes you can build. There are so many different designs that you can choose to use, so its really down to your personal preference and what you and your family like the best. You can always weigh out the pros and cons of having different style houses too. You see houses one hundred years or older that have been built underground, or in the side of a hill, like the ones in this great article. Some are still fully livable now even. You see this a lot in the United Kingdom where people still live in homes build a hundred years ago or more. These concepts have not been totally abolished by people because now again, with the off-grid house movement, we are seeing people using this under ground building template to their advantage.

This article discusses the many great advantages of building a home in the earth. One of them being the temperature equalization. Even on warm or cold days, the temperature can be a nice moderate room temperature that is comfortable without heating or cooling. It must be part of the reason why certain animals build their own homes underground. Not only temperature, but also for protection from the elements and other disasters. There are also cons to be had when considering this type of home, just as when you are building any type of home there will be pros and cons. Problems with your underground dwelling could possibly arise if you don't have the proper insulation and water barrier to prevent heat from escaping in the winter and water from getting in when it rains.

This article is very thorough in it's information, so if you are thinking of building underground this would be a good one to keep on hand! Head over to ‘ Off The Grid News‘ by following the link in the description below for more!

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