Handcrafted Cedar Log Home, See it Being Built!

You'll want to see this beautiful "Handcrafted Cedar Log Home, See it Being Built!" on the owners property in Alsace, France. The large fluted cedar logs make this 2,100 square foot home stand apart from others, with the average log diameter in the walls being 18 inches and the larger log ends at 4 feet.

It really is an amazing process watching a handcrafted cedar log home being built from start to finish. Western Red Cedar trees are indigenous to North America's Pacific Northwest. The Western Red Cedar is also the official tree of British Columbia, Canada. For centuries the Pacific Northwest Coast First Nations people have revered the Western Red Cedar as the Tree of Life, using to make everything from totem poles, canoes, baskets, clothing and longhouses. Most people who buy Red Cedar log homes are attracted to it's natural beauty of the exposed heartwood. Redwood is a visually stunning softwood with a lasting beautiful aroma. It's warm cinnamon red and deep amber color tones bring out the incredible beauty of the richly textured wood grains. Western Red Cedar handcrafted log homes are like no other, authentic to this area of the world. The base of Western Red Cedar logs are often irregularly flared and give a natural unique look to the construction of the handcrafted cedar log homes built.

This log and timber home company is based in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada, and they have been building log and timber homes since 1979. They specialize in custom built log homes, post and beam homes, timber frame homes, piece en piece log homes, and dove tail log home, and they deliver and reassemble their products and services on your site. the specialize in created log homes made from hand hewn, slow growth Western Red Cedar Logs. To date they've delivered more than 250 quality log homes to customers in the United States, Canada, Japan, Europe, Argentina, Taiwan and Korea. Their team from project leads, heard supervisor to designer and president enjoy building homes. They are supporting members of the BC Log and Timber Building Industry (LBTI), the International Log Builders Association (ILBA) and the Timber Framers Guild (TF). The company like to share their Canadian log home construction experience and knowledge with the communities they serve. One of their project leads is helping the Residential Construction Industry Training Organization Of British Columbia develop a government recognized log home training program.

Some of the properties of Western Red Cedar is that it is naturally resistant to moisture, wood rot and decay, it is less susceptible to insect damage, has less moisture content which reduces checking and settling issues. Log cabins made from red cedar will shrink 2percent radially compared to Douglas fir which shrinks 6 percent.


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