Get Hard Trailer 2015

Get Hard, is an upcoming comedy film directed by the screenwriter Etan Cohen and written by Jay Martel and Ian Roberts. For those people who doesn't know Etan Cohen, he was actually an American film director and screenwriter. Among of his produced scripts were Beavis and Butthead (1995-1997), King of the hill (2001-2005), and Idiocracy (2006). By the way he also wrote the Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa. Have you seen it? Does he sound familiar now?

Well, looking forward to another hilarious romp, scheduled to release in theatres on March 27 this year, this movie features Will Ferrell (portrayed as James King), Kevin Hart (as Darnell Lewis), Alison Brie (playing the character as Ferrells fiancee), Edwina Findley (as Rita Lewis and plays the character as Harts wife), Craig Nelson (as Martin Barrow, the founder of barrow funds and played the role as Ferrells boss), T.I. (as Joaquin and played as Harts character streetwise cousin), Dan Bakkedahl (as Rick and played as Ferrells frenemy at their office), Gary Owen, and Jay Pharaoh.

When a millionaire businessman James King is nailed for fraud and wrongly accused of tax evasion, he was bound for San Quentin. The jurist gives him around 30 days to get his affairs in order. Hopeless, he turns to Darnell Lewis to prep him to go behind bars.

For all the Will Ferrell fans out there, you better check out Hart and Ferrell in this upcoming movie as they seem to have an amusing chemistry together. Save the date March 27, 2015 in all the theatres near you. By the way, if you havent seen the trailer yet; heres the link Watch it out and you might wonder and love the soundtrack at the beginning of the trailer, the title of that song is Still D.R.E by Dr.Dre.