Famous New York Times Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Chocolate Chip Cookies famous? Of course they would be famous! Why not. Do you not think this is likely one of the most eaten variety of cookies out there?

Chocolate chip cookies are likely one of the most commonly baked cookies in the North American household. When you think of what cookie you should make for the lunchboxes, school bake sales, take along for picnic and potlucks...what one do you choose?

Likely the chocolate chip variety! This type of cookie is likely one of the easiest to make, and it is pretty much fool proof as whether it comes out fluffy and puffed up or flattened and crispy it will get eaten.

Of course, there are many types of chocolate chips you can use in your cookies.

My favorite is always dark natural chocolate chips or chunks. For me, it is primarily because I have more of a tendency towards any chocolate that is at least 75% or higher in cacao content. My feeling on chocolate is that if you are going to eat it, and then choose to eat chocolate of a quality that at least has some health benefits. Our grandmother was also pretty well known for cutting the sugar asked for in recipes pretty much in half. Baking is so sweet, and I give no criticism on those that love their desserts super sweet. I think it is so much what your taste buds become accustomed to.

I know that those that love milk chocolate will turn up their noses to a very dark chocolate. It is a taste that must be acquired, but if you read the benefits of natural dark chocolate you may consider slowly substituting it into your baking.

The recipe featured today comes from the 'Other Side of Fifty' website and it looks to die for! You will no doubt want to add it to your recipe box and give it a try.

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