Eggplant Parmesan Boats

Who doesn't love an easy and healthy dinner? You should try out these amazing looking and simple as you can get Eggplant Parmesan Boats for dinner one night very soon! It really is as simple as it sounds, you make boats my hollowing out the eggplant and then mixing the insides with all kinds of good stuff like sausage, tomato sauce, veggies and cheese, and then you load it all back into the eggplant boat and bake in the oven until everything has cooked and melted together. What a great idea! I have seen lots of other stuffed vegetable ideas out there, but this one is new to me. I will definitely be trying this one out soon! There are already stuffed peppers, stuffed potatoes, stuffed artichokes, stuffed squash, and now stuffed eggplant! Yummy!

You could always make this one vegetarian if need be, and omit the sausage. Or you could add whatever other kind of meat you like instead, like ground turkey or beef or chicken. They even list a few tips for making this recipe work, which is nice. For example, to make scooping the insides out, you can cut a quarter of an inch in from the edge and then cut cross hatches to make the eggplant come out easier. Also, when you are setting them up, if they end up rolling over, you can also slice a little bit off of the bottom of the eggplant "boat" to make it stand up, so all the fillings don't fall out. This would be a great family meal that everyone would be sure to love and easy too! This eggplant parmesan boats recipe looks delicious, and would be a great dinner recipe for when you have friends over.

To start this delicious and healthy eggplant parmesan boats recipe you will need to scoop out the middle of the eggplant, leaving approximately a half inch all around the sides of the vegetable, then chop up the eggplant that you scooped out. Then brush the inside of the appliance shells with some oil and roast it in a preheated 400 degree Fahrenheit oven, with the inside of the boat facing up. Bake just until the eggplant is tender, which will only take about 10 to 15 minutes, then set aside. Then cook the sausage and onion in a pan that is over medium heat, you want to break up the sausage while you are cooking it, and set the cooked sausage aside. Next add the garlic to the pan and cook just until fragrant, it should only take a bout one minute. Add the chopped up reserved eggplant that you put aside and cook together until the mixture is tender. Add some marinara sauce (the link to this recipe is on the site), seasoning with some salt and pepper just to taste and cook to heat, approximately three to five minutes, then remove from the heat.

Spread the marinara sauce that is remaining in the jar over the bottom of a baking dish, placing the eggplant shells that have the hollowed our sides upwards, then fill then with the sauce. Top the eggplant shells with the cheeses and then bake in an oven that has been preheated to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Bake until the cheese has melted and the sauce is bubbling for approximately ten to fifteen minutes. This eggplant parmesan boats recipe is nice served with some fresh basil. If you want you can skip the step of pre-baking the eggplant shells beforehand, and just fill then instead with the sauce and bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit covered in some aluminum foil, just until the shells are tender, and the cheese has melted. You will just need to add approximately forty to fifty minutes of baking time to the recipe.

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