Easy Homemade Brownie Bowl Sundaes

Mouth watering, chocolate overload and feel good sensations.....Yes you have just eaten a Chocolate brownie!! Do you find yourself in a senseless daze as you wander past the pastry shops drooling over the delicious brownies in the shop window? How good would it be to hire the pastry chef and have them cook these for you.....Hmmmmmm......Or maybe just maybe.....you could learn to make their delicious treats yourself. Come on! How hard could it be?

If youre determined, we could help you with this quick and simple recipe for a Brownie Bowl Sundae. Perfect for any event or gathering at your place, this delicious dessert will surely impress all your friends and family! Go to this tutorial provided at the bottom of the article.

What you will gonna need is a brownie mix or batter, toppings of your choice, muffin tins, cooking spray, sprinkles, chocolate sauce and your favourite ice cream. I prefer to use vanilla ice cream to contrast the delicious chocolaty tasting brownies. All ingredients are listed on the website, along with instructions that will take you step by step through the recipe..... so you cant go wrong! But before you start, Ill give you a hot tip to keep in mind. Before removing from the muffin tin and adding the tasty ice cream of your choice, remember to check the muffins to be completely cooled. Allow it to cool before removing it, for they might fall into pieces. Once it is cooled, just heat in the microwave for a few seconds. Once you know that they are ready to serve, add it with some sweet sprinkles!

You can also actually use cupcake liners for other events like birthdays, debuts, holidays and other occasions. Isn't it a good idea for a fresh start-up business? Well, try it yourself and discover!

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