DIY Clay Pot Smoker

Building your own smoker can have a lot of benefits. For instance, the costs of a homemade smoker will be much smaller than those of a store-bought one. Also, by making the smoker yourself, you have total control over its size, shape and quality. So to make outdoor cooking more enjoyable and delicious, you should build your smoker out of a clay pot. Just go to the closest store and purchase a clay pot, a clay pot tray, an electrical hot plate, cooking grate (circular), some bricks, a metal pie pan, an oven thermometer, bolts and nuts and a wood dowel. After that take a look at the tutorial below and start building your very own clay pot smoker! Install it outdoors, once you are done, and enjoy the all the delicious smoked flavors.

See more photos and instructions at the website linked below, Goods Home Design.

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