Deep Fried Smores

S’mores are one of my favorite things about summer. What can be more delicious than biting into a gooey treat of marshmallow and chocolate stuffed graham crackers? I’ll tell you what. Deep Fried S’mores. Deep fried s’mores, you ask? Yes!

The secret to these delicious deep-fried pockets of deliciousness are the egg roll wrappers. Egg rolls, at least in English-speaking countries, are typically a deep-fried savory dish of flour dough stuffed with meat and/or veggies. Egg rolls are similar to the spring roll, which is a mainland Chinese cuisine, and are usually included in “combination platters” of American Chinese cuisine. You have to re-train your brain for these new “egg rolls”. Trade savory for sweet. Trade chewy for gooey.

All you need for deep fried s’mores are slight variations on the traditional s’mores ingredients… and, of course, the egg roll wrappers. Instead of marshmallows, marshmallow cream/fluff is a preferred, easier to use ingredient because it is more pliable. While there is mention of a marshmallow paste as early as 1896, it wasn’t until 1917 that the first cans of Toot Sweet Marshmallow Fluff were sold in stores after its original inventor, Archibald Query, sold his recipe to two candy-makers for $500. There are currently only three companies who produce Marshmallow Cream/Fluff: Durkee-Mower, Kraft Jet-Puffed Marshmallow Creme and Solo Marshmallow Creme. Some trivia that you may not have known about marshmallows is that the use of the marshmallow plant to make sweets dates back to ancient Egypt, where the recipe called for extracting sap from the plant and mixing it with nuts and honey. Another pre modern recipe uses the pith of the marshmallow plant, instead of the sap. The stem was peeled back to reveal the soft and spongy pith, which was boiled in sugar syrup and dried to produce a soft, chewy confection. The marshmallow plant's sap was also used by gladiators in ancient Rome. The sap was rubbed on the body in preparation for the fight.

For chocolate, you may choose your favorite chocolate bar. The most popular choice for s’mores is Hershey’s milk chocolate. Founded in 1894, Hershey’s is not only one of the oldest chocolate manufacturers, they are also the largest chocolate manufacturer in North America. In fact, Hershey’s s’mores kits can often be found in large chain grocers throughout the summer. The greatest part of this new variation on the popular s’more treat is that it can be made year-round. No longer do we need to wait for warmer temperatures to build fires.

This delicious deep fried smores recipe is sure to bring back memories, whether it was that camping trip you took when you were five and you made smores for the first time, or your camping trip this past summer where you shared the delicious recipe with your young kids. You just can't go wrong with golden brown marshmallows roasted over the campfire, sandwiched in between two graham crackers and some melted chocolate, yum!

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