Crescent Roll Danishes

Who can say no to a good pastry when it is offered, especially if itís for free? We can all bet that answer is no one. You can bless someone today for giving free food. If you are going to make something to share, why not make a bread that they will surely wonít forget!

Give them something delicious that you have baked and are proud of. Some Crescent Roll Danishes are a good idea to start your philanthropic project. They are easy to bake so you will enjoy the task.

This recipe won the 1978 Pillsbury Bake-Off and up to this day, it has not lost its glory. Once you experience it in your mouth, the Neufchatel melting in your mouth is going to be one ďhallelujahĒ moment for you and anyone who will taste it.

This is so good that even before it comes out of the oven, you can already smell how it would dive right onto your taste buds.

Others use cream cheese when making this, but choosing Neufchatel is healthier since it has 1/3 fewer calories than cream cheese. When baked right, all the ingredients can be tasted such as the lemon that goes well with everything thatís in it.

Donít forget to preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Itís a common mistake, especially for first-timers not to preheat their oven. Placing things to bake in a cold oven just don't turn out so expect for these pastries to bake to perfection if you donít preheat the oven accordingly.

It will be a hit for the ladies who love having a tea party, as this pastry matches a good mint or chamomile tea. Now you are enticed to be refreshed and if thatís how you feel, go ahead and visit the Little Cook from the Prarieís website to see the entire recipe.

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