Crescent Cheesecake Roll-Ups

Crescent Cheesecake Roll-Ups leave nothing to the imagination, they are bold and inviting without any reservations. These are a couple of traditionally great things that have come together to make magic. It's really a combination that is so sinfully delicious it's likely to be outlawed in many states. So before they shut down access to this combination we're going to spread the word and you can help. Take a stand against all things healthy and venture to the dark side with us, just for a moment... or an evening as the case may be. You have to treat yourself, and eat all of those deliciously decadent desserts that are out there. After all, it is a wonderful part of life and you don't want to miss out on trying something this amazing. Especially when it is this easy to make. You just can't resist, can you?

At Brown Sugar Mama, you'll find all things relating to food and relationships. She has a beautiful website, detected to bringing you the best recipes and advice. Nicole puts a twist on the traditional format of a food blog and as a self described City Girl, she makes cooking sexy. Embrace the dialogue that grows from a passion to see healthy relationships blossom and food to be a fuel for the adventure. So buckle up and enjoy the content, let it take you wherever you please but in the end make sure it's a delightful journey of exploration.

A little naughty, all kinds of scrumptious, that's what were talking about and we know you like it. Take a moment and look at the ingredients represented here. Crescent roll ups, Cream cheese... It's like two all time legends in the rock n roll world ran off into a field of daisies and explored all things delightful. The product of this hot and steamy encounter was a love child and we named it Crescent Cheese Roll-Ups. The parents didn't approve, the grandparents didn't approve, but free love prevailed and Crescent Cheesecake Roll Ups came into the world ready to take on the dessert scene and bring light to naughty encounters that are rooted in love.

Easy and fun to make, Crescent Cheesecake Roll-Ups take only 6 ingredients and it will be an experience that may change how you feel about food. The roll itself evokes visions of a crimson red dress and 4" heels, dressed to impress for sure. Size matters and these are the perfect size, with a rich creamy center that explodes in your mouth and is so savory with a distinct flavor that is hard to match. Truly a spectacular addition to any event or just sitting alone with a glass of wine. To say these little bites are life changing isn't enough, we should have a warning label. Be aroused by the flavor and enjoy this incredible dessert at your next gathering!

For more information visit the awesome Brown Sugar Mama website. You will be delighted you did. Happy baking and eating!

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