Creamed Chipped Beef

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Are you trying to make meals on a budget and want to keep it tasty? Well then try this inexpensive recipe for Creamed Chipped Beef! It’s easy to make, yummy to eat, and it only has five simple ingredients – some of which you might already have in your kitchen. We know all about it! Food is getting more costly all the time. It really pays to sit down and do a little research before you go to the grocery store these days. You can search the Internet for delicious, healthy, and frugal recipes like this one – then proceed accordingly, spending your hard-earned money very efficiently. Beef recipes are great because they are not only filling, they’re full of iron and protein and nutrients that are very important for our muscle and cell growth. Combine a dish like Creamed Chipped Beef with some lovely baked potatoes, green beans and corn, or a salad, and you’ll have all of your bases covered – without having to take out a bank loan!

This Chipped Beef on Toast recipe is not a new one, but it’s been modified slightly to make it taste even better. It’s believed that chipped beef on toast recipes started to come about during World War I, when people didn’t have a lot of money to spare but still had to eat. It very quickly became what’s known as “United States military cuisine” because it was so cheap and easy to make in the mess tents. Even today, chipped beef on toast is often served to United States service men and women, and it’s commonly known as “shit on a shingle” in military slang, or perhaps more appetizingly: “stew on a shingle”. Truly, though, it tastes a heck of a lot better than it looks and a hot meal like this one was – and still is – greatly appreciated by hard-working soldiers, wherever they may have been or may be. If you remember the 1970s television show called M*A*S*H, it was often referred to when the main characters were eating in the mess tent!

The best thing about Chipped Beef in general is that it doesn’t go bad. It’s salted and well-preserved, and that’s why it’s so easy to take on the road or out into the field for soldiers. So, today, it’s great because you can buy yourself a bunch of Chipped Beef knowing you won’t have to throw it away if you don’t eat it in the next few days. Wait a month or two, and as long as it’s stored properly - it’ll still be good to go. This new and much improved Chipped Beef on Toast recipe is made with a very special cream sauce – one the soldiers in the first and second world wars would have loved to have had access to. The sauce is very similar to béchamel, and it gives a creamy, rich moistness to the otherwise dry meat. The salty taste of each complements the other, and it is all really quite succulent when it’s cooked and served in this way.

A little hint for you - this Creamed Chipped Beef recipe is best served with toast made from home-made bread. If you can’t manage this, don’t worry, but if you possibly can – go for it! Making your own bread at home with a few choice ingredients can go a very long way in saving you money in the long run, and it can be a heck of a lot healthier too. There’s nothing like the scent of bread baking in the oven – it fills the whole house and makes everyone happy! And there’s nothing like the taste of homemade bread either, especially when you toast it and pour this lovely Creamy Beef Recipe all over it. When the day is done, your tummy will be full and so will your wallet.

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