Couple Turn a School Bus into a Tiny House in 10 Days

Can you believe what this couple did? They turned a regular school bus into a tiny house! And they did it in just 10 days.This seems to be a growing trend, to create a new tiny home out of just about anything and to do it in record time! School buses that are no longer used for school have to make one of the coolest motor homes, though! And this brilliant couple, Marco Khalil and Caroline West, did a wonderful job converting it.

Based in British Columbia, Canada, Marco and Caroline needed a tiny house on wheels that they could depend on. As they spend a lot of their time travelling and collecting all kinds of curiosities and antiques. It’s no surprise, then, that this vintage 1975 GMC Blue Bird school bus caught their eye. And you can bet they were sold on it pretty quick!

After they got the bus, they promptly removed all of the seats and transformed the back space into a beautiful little bedroom, sitting and reading room – a place where they can kick back and take it easy after a long day of driving. They thought of every detail, including some of their favourite books, maps, a couple of chairs, and a nice big bed. There are also lots of cabinets where they can put their storage and some fascinating vintage accents, like road signs and pillows covered with old-fashioned mill bags. There are even some thick curtains that cover all of the windows at night, then roll up to the ceiling in the daytime to let the light in!

Marco and Caroline even have a nickname for their bus. Riley! Riley sits in the backyard and serves as a guest room when they’re not on a road trip. Sounds like great fun! Can we come and visit?

Want to learn more? Then head on over to the “Tiny Talk” website by following the link in the description below!

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