Cheesy Bacon Loaded 7 Layer Dip!

Trivia time! Do you know the classic ingredients in a 7 Layer Dip? To begin, let's stick to the traditional which goes a little something like this:

1. Refried beans

2. Guacamole

3. Sour Cream

4. Pico de gallo (or chopped tomatoes)

5. Grated cheese

6. Black olives

7. Either beef, lettuce, sliced green onion or chilies.

Now, let's ignore tradition and talk about this Cheesy Bacon Loaded 7 Layer Dip from the Creole Contessa. It is a classy combination of ingredients and flavors to make the following 7 layers:

1. Creole refried beans

2. Sharp cheddar cheese

3. Pickled jalepenos

4. Grated jack cheese

5. Sausage

6. Bacon

7. Enchilado cheese

Ok, I know you might be wondering the same thing...oh my can I get this recipe, it sound fantastic!..and trust me when I say that it is. The recipe that you are now drooling over the though of comes from a lovely little blog called the 'Creole Contessa', a California girl (Lisa) whose recipes are inspired by her Grandmother's Louisiana cooking. She believes that there is always a way to 'Creolize' any dish and her recipe and blog are a fun testament to this. We love so much how this blog is a testament to the inner creative chefs in each of us. We all have different inspirations in our lives who showed us what we know about cooking. We can also step into heaven through different smells and different flavors all depending on what our Grandmother's and Mothers (yes of course this can also be Grandfathers and Fathers) made. This is what makes the internet so fascinating these days is to be inspired by the cuisines of not only a different country, but the amalgamation of each persons unique history. It opens up the world to our cooking senses like never before.

Now, if you are still thinking about this dish, visit the link below to the 'Creole Contessas' website for the full list of ingredients and directions.

Learn MORE / Get RECIPE at Creole Contessa

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