Build a Perfect Little $500 Log Cabin - Without a Permit!

Log home living is a wonderful experience, and if you're in the mind to buy or build a new home, you might just take a moment to consider the benefits of living in a log cabin of your very own. Here are seven major reasons why log home life is the life for you...

Perhaps your ancestors lived in a log cabin in the old days? This type of iconic home was built and enjoyed by many settlers and pioneers of different new lands, and some still stand today. Some log-built structures in Northern and Eastern Europe are still standing today and have stood for many centuries, even since the 14th century.

In the case of log homes kits, which by the way is how most log-built structures are made today, the expense of both time and money is drastically reduced. Construction time used to take many months, perhaps more than a year - but with pre-milled logs shaped to precise specifications in a factory setting, parts numbered in the order of construction, and all delivered to the construction site with most of the work done for you, building it can now take a mere few short weeks. Due to the way such pre-milled logs are produced, it also creates the situation of the lowest per-log cost there can possibly be. This is why log cabin kits are the most sought after means of achieving log home living today.

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