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Great log cabins

If you are looking for great log cabins, then Star Log Cabins has some of the greatest to be found. They can do log home repair, log home repair, log home restoration and can consult with you on buying a log cabin home.

There are two types of log homes, the handcrafted log homes and the milled log homes. Among log houses already built, only 10% are those built with individually handcrafted logs with the use of handheld tools. A log house, which is handcrafted is made of logs that were peeled but still have their original natural looks unchanged. On the other hand, the 90% of the log homes built are made of milled logs. These milled logs, otherwise known as machine-profiled logs, are used to build the milled log homes. These logs went through a manufacturing process that removes the natural features of the tree or the log, creating timbers that have uniform appearances and sizes.

Log home repair

Log home repair is one of those things that needs to be done right. Log home restoration can transform an old and battered looking cabin, into a totally brand new-looking home.

Everybody want to have a great home with a top-quality furniture, beautiful design, and cozy atmosphere. Today new technologies give us a chance to have the homes of our dreams. With the increasing number of log homes, it is clear that more and more people are thinking about the log homes. It is not a secret that they can be very small, simple, and rustic but not everybody knows that they can also be very prestigious, big, and luxurious. Log houses tend to be a one story building, with almost less finished look (unlike log cabins) as these were initially built with the intention of being short-term. These days all log houses can be designed by an architect like any other house. Of course, there are many things to keep in mind when it comes to buying or constructing your log home but you should know that it is believed that there is no place where a log home is a bad idea. It is the best experience for those persons who want to live in a sturdy, durable, beautiful, and warm home.

Buying a log cabin home

If you are thinking of buying a log cabin home, it's very important to realize that not all log cabin homes are created equally. In fact, they can vary in quality quite a LOT. From the beautiful custom hand-crafted log homes, to the much more in-expensive, pre-made, machine-made kit homes. Buying a log cabin home is something to think about.

The best log home builders. When it comes time to find the best log home builders, you should really consider Star Log Cabins.

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