AWESOME Tiny Home for Less than $500 Using Salvaged Materials

We don’t like to agree with it, but we think that Madonna is right when she said that we are living in a material world. Based on observations about most people and their attachment to things nowadays, perhaps you’d also concur with us in that statement. It’s just that everyday, high-end designers are making a name with their extremely costly style to bring luxury even to the tiniest places. We understand how it could be expensive to design a huge place, but it would seem unreasonable to do it to a small home. It doesn’t even feel right.

To save on cash is one of the main reasons why anyone would resort to live in a tiny house. But you will be surprised to find out that some small spaces even cost more than the price of a standard sized home. This is something that Scott Brown is opposed against, as he believes that it goes against the purpose of the tiny house movement. Instead of purchasing expensive materials such as granite counters and posh appliances, he kept everything old-fashion, by using recycled items to match his small and inexpensive home that is only 83 square feet.

For less than $500, Brown was able to finish building his tiny home. He made use of some salvaged materials such as a wood stove and other gift items. His tiny home is situated on a 20-acre land that his friend owns. Some won’t find it comfortable living in his house since he doesn’t have indoor plumbing and a fridge. But it works for him because he has both an outdoor toilet and an outdoor shower that he could use. He’s got everything he needs inside the house, so he’s got no complaints.

To build your house with only that amount is something out of the ordinary. Visit the website ‘Inhabitat’ below and find out more about how this guy did it.

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