Award-winning Tiny House in Assynt

Tiny homes comes in all shapes and sizes, from hand built cobb cottages, oceanview beach cottages to remodelled stables, there is a tiny house to please most any preference and taste. This "Award-winning Tiny House in Assynt," is a must see with lots of photos to get a glimpse into this lovely tiny house.

This award winning tiny house is located North West of Scotland, in Assent. This tiny off grid wooden house on wheels has one of the most amazing views in Scotland, and is close to the beach. This tiny house was built by Mark Burton, winning an award from the Independent Newspaper, and was also featured in several lifestyle television programs. Power comes from photovoltaic panels ad cylinder gas, and the toilet is composting. There is a shower, a king sized bed, a gas powered fridge, a couch, and two burner stove. Guest can have use of off road parking for their vehicle, with access to the owners private gardens. The owner is on hand if anything from laundry to making breakfast if needed. The tiny house has no internet access, but the main house can be used to quickly check emails if needed.

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