Another Is This Your Dream House?

I live in a small, dark basement suite. It's alright for now, but sometimes I dream of a home of my own. I imagine my restful oasis, tucked away in a forest somewhere. I love the idea of using as much natural building materials as possible for my dream home. I picture stone walls and wood paneling on the outside, hardwood floors and driftwood furniture inside. I would take a modest, rustic home over an elaborate mansion any day.

I love to cook, so my vision for a dream home begins at the kitchen. Rather than having a separate kitchen and dining room I would much rather combine the two, so I can talk with my family and guests as I am cooking. I think the kitchen is really the heart of any household. It is a gathering place where we come together to share meals, conversation, and laughter. Having adequate counter and cupboard space, stainless steel appliances and a kitchen island are a few of my dreams. I also envision a massive pantry stocked with canned goods from the summer garden, drying herbs and garlic braids hanging from the ceiling and bins of dry goods with an abundance to keep us well fed if we ever get snowed in for a week or more in the winter.

My dream house also includes a plush living room designed for comfort, rest, and relaxation. A big comfy couch is absolutely essential. Soft natural fibers dyed with plant dyes in muted earth tones appeals to me the most. Soft warm lighting, cozy throw cushions, blankets and natural wood tables will turn this room into an oasis of comfort. A few unique pieces of artwork, paintings or sculptures, will tie the room together, creating a space that is equally functional and aesthetically pleasing. I may be content in my basement suite for now, but no matter where we live it is always fun to dream of the possibilities for the future.

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